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Youngsters of Hungary need your support!

Many children in Hungary grow up in orphanages. When they begin a life for themselves, as nearly adults, very often things go wrong. They lack essential abilities for surviving successfully in this world, such as initiative, managing money, sexuality and drugs. Too often they become victims of prostitution and drugs dealers.

Becoming independent.

Foundation Andrássy tries to help. In cooperation with the Hungarian Foundation KUL we develop programs to prepare the youngsters for independence. In addition we design a program ‘accompanied living’ for the first months after leaving the orphanage.

We seek additional funding for our projects. We hope your organization can help us. Preventing these youngsters to slip down in situations without future, situations of unemployment and criminality is possible with your help.

You can transfer your gift to bank account NL12RABO0132588072, ‘Stichting Andrássy’, Bakkeveen, The Netherlands.

Our website can give you information about recent and actual activities.

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Foundation Andrássy

Secretariat: Foarwurkerwei 6, 9243 JZ Netherlands
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1. Background

Although Hungary is a part of the EU there are still many orphanages in the whole country. In the eastern province of Szabolc-Szatmar alone live more than 3000 homeless children. More than 1500 of them live in orphanages, the remaining children in foster homes. In Hungary there are many disrupted families and too little foster homes. As soon as Hungarian children enter orphanages they are called children of the state. Many of them grow up there until adulthood.

In the orphanages there is taken care of shelter, food, education, but knowledge and means to prepare the children for independent living in society is lacking.

The development of children in orphanages is different from children living in families. Real attachment and the development of standards and values is very difficult. As soon as the youngsters have to live independently, things go wrong.

2. What is necessary

Designing a program ‘ Preparing for real life’ to train the children in functioning on themselves in society. From previous experience we know that to be successful this program has to start 1 or 2 years before the youngsters leave the orphanages. This program wile contain trainings like:

- practical training in cooking, washing clothes, etc (girls and boys as well!)

- training of communicative abilities, i.e.: managing conflicts, cooperating, respecting one self and others

- personality moulding, i.e. responsibility, self-confidence, creative thinking, critical thinking

- training in living independently

- handling a PC and internet

- preparing to a job by training and education: language courses during summer camps (i.e. English), training in teamwork and managing finances (not only money but bank cards, bank account and preventing debt as well)

- stimulate solidarity by organising summer camps and excursions for youngsters and young adults. There they can have contact, share information, learn how to deal with sex, drugs, alcohol, living in an own house or apartment, working and learning.

We try to offer a period of ‘accompanied living’ to those youngsters who leave the orphanages. In the first phase of independency they need support and guidance for successful living and working in the Hungarian society, in peace and with satisfaction.

3. What we offer

- know-how and financial support from the Netherlands

- training in the Netherlands for Hungarian professional counsellors

- development of programs for successful living and working

4. Cooperation

Foundation Andrássy cooperates with Hungarian organisations. Foundation KUL in Budapest is our main partner in the country. This foundation is, like our Foundation Andrássy, a non-profit organisation, 100% working for the benefit of children and youngsters of orphanages. In addition, cooperation is going on with job counsellors, job finding offices, local and regional governmental organisations, orphanages, child welfare, banks, business men.

Members of the Andrássy group:

Annemarie Bongers

Roelie Dijk

Josien Meulenhoff